book by Wendy Gill

20th SEPTEMBER 2016

featuring hit songs made famous

musical director Iain Vince-Gatt

directed by Paul Boyd

by multi-award winner Caro Emerald


Wendy Gill's musical about love, lust, loyalty, and deceit in 1950s London featuring hit songs made famous by MTV Music Award winner Caro Emerald previewed in two special performances at London's Hippodrome Casino on 20th September 2016 starring Eastenders' Jonny Labey.

Set in London's infamous Flamingo Club, the classic jazz sound of Caro Emerald’s songs create a stylish musical, authentic in 50s sound and look, accompanied by a live onstage band. 


There were two staged concert performances of THAT MAN at the West End's world-famous Hippodrome Casino on 20th September, supported by Arts Council England.

Use the menu to read about THAT MAN and the people behind the show, to listen to Caro Emerald's music as featured in the production, and to contact the production team.

It's 1957, and Chas puts his best friend Rick to the test when he suggests a wager, based upon winning the favours of Rosa, the singing star at London's famous cabaret club, The Flamingo.


When the wager backfires, Rick faces a dilemma.  His pride and his position among his peer group forces him to take a course of action in total conflict with his desires ...

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